2 Leaf Clover

Who says life outside of fiction has to be boring?
Check out how this group of friends try their best to live life to the fullest. May contain drama, romance, feels, comedy and other emotions, because, c’mon, what’s life without it?
Get to know them and, who knows, maybe you will feel identified with at least one of them ;p

Royal Blood

Prince Landon is the next successor to the crown and everyone in the kingdom worries he is not fit to become king.
His father, the beloved king, has ended war between humans and vampires, but after falling ill, the kingdom has blamed vampires for his sudden sickness resulting in the death of the whole species.
After his death, Landon takes a walk in the woods and finds a young woman who reveals to him that there are people on the inside who are after his power and probably after his head.
Should he trust her?

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